October 16, 2017

AT MR. CRISTI’S FOLD (2017 & 2018)

In 2017 I had the initiative of setting up a project that would allow us to get closer to the traditions, to try to deeply understand the conceptions, the customs and the beliefs that have been preserved on these lands. And which better way to do this, if not by trekking and by embracing a simple life in the village? 

I had already organized a few trekking actions – not only for documenting, but also as public events in Valea Bradului village, Provița de Sus township, where we stopped over Mr. Cristian Dumitrașcu’s sheepfold. 

We thus decided to organize together „TRANSHUMANCE – EXPLORING THE ROOTS – BEYOND LAND” – a theme backpacking, that would allow us to find ourselves, to go beyond time and space limits, to discover the roots of the Romanian mioritic* spirit. 

*adjective derived from a well-known Romanian ballad, “Miorita” that tells the story of three shepherds and a faithful ewe; the ballad is representative for pastoral life and it expresses the deepest Romanian beliefs, and the strong connection between man and nature.

 [Because of some reasons, this trekking was replaced by camping and sleeping over at Secaria, and the TRANSHUMANCE remained just a dream…]

During the summer of 2017, when the sheep were up in the mountains, we, the trekkers, followed their route so we could reach them. We brought food to the shepherds staying at the “Sorica Sheepfold”, we told stories while drinking a glass of jintita (a dairy beverage) and eating bulz, then we explored Azuga Valley up to Stevia Villa.

Cristi had travelled all over the Carpathian Mountains ever since he was a child. We are both rolling stones, and this turned into an incredible bond between us in „GREAT RAMBLING II” through the Bihor Mountains (Apuseni) – Padiș area, in a beautiful 3-day trekking, overnight camping. 

On October 14th-15th 2017 I organized the event ”AUTUMN NEDEIA – TREKKING AND CELEBRATION”, at the Sheepfold in Valea Bradului village (Provița de Sus township). During those two days, there were more than 30 tourists who took part in the event, next to some dear friends of mine.  Among many other surprises, they watched the cows being milked, the sheep coming to and leaving the shed, and the making of the hanged sheep milk cheese and the ”urda”. We were extremely pleased to have by our side people coming from Australia, willing to learn about our beautiful lands. 

On May 21st 2018, together with Mr. Dumitrascu and trekkers friends, we walked all along the ”Outlaws’ Road”, the current ”Sheep’s Road”, that the shepherds in the area use to take their sheep up in the mountains, to the Bucegi Plateau. It is here, on these tracks, where the famous outlaws from Talea village used to ride on a long time ago, that Mr. Dumitrascu spent most of his childhood.

Due to Mr. Dumitrascu’s impulse, the Ecotrekker dived into the enthusiasm of discovering the forests that coat the surroundings of Breaza resort and especially the lands of Provita de Sus, a neighbour township.

(see volume II of ”Breaza. Trekking and Adventurous Comradeship”)