November 22, 2016


Unwillingly „capitalist”, he spent his childhood holidays at Breaza, close to his paternal grandparents. The lane he grew up on played a significant role, from all points of view, it impregnated all his senses into eventually shaping his LIFE.

Every day he ran out to play or enjoyed the silence of his room.  Then, one day, he went for a long walk… It was his first trekking! He reached Gura Beliei through the fir trees forest, down the old footpath to the Pines Edge. It must have been in the early ’90s!!


1998 – 2002 computing operator – Ion Luca Caragiale National College Bucharest (informatics – mathematics)

2003 – 2007 bachelor of physical education and sports – 4 years (faculty daily courses) under Spiru Haret University

Bodybuilding and Fitness Coaching – Professional certificate – 2nd specialization, awarded by The National Training Center for Coaches under The Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Muscular Fitness Instructor License, issued by The Romanian Federation “Sports for everyone” (The Sport National Association)

February 2008 – March 2011 assistant manager under Spiru Haret University 

Official local tourism guide – certificate licence no. 5637/ 06.09.2017 under The Romanian Ministry of Tourism

In the spring of 2011, he settled down at Breaza, the small town of his childhood – in his grandparents’ cottage. He has never wanted to leave again. This is where he calls “AT HOME” – here, at BREAZA. After years and years of passion for sport, exercise and physical discipline, after several falls into a modern vanity fair and into a world of toil and illusions, he came back to Breaza for a soul retrieval. 


He travelled close to the Equator, he reached the New Guinea island in the spring of 2011, and then Kalimantan (Borneo) in Indonesia the following January; in July 2012 he travelled to Amazon, Brazil, and in 2013 he arrived in Uganda, aiming for 5000-m heights.  But every single time he was longing for home!

Solitary Exploration Expeditions in Tropical Rainforests on the Equator

November 2010 – solitary excursion in Tanganyk

March 2011 – solitary excursion in West Irian Jaya (Papua) – Indonesia

January 2012 – solitary expedition in Kalimantan (Borneo) – Indonesia

July 2012 – short solitary expedition Amazon – Brasil

February 2013 – group expedition in Rwenzori Mountains – Uganda


Between 2012 and 2019, he went on tens of documentation trekkings in these lands, alone or with dear friends. All this while he also organized trekking events at Breaza and in the surrounding hills & mountains, wishing to help the local people learn more and enrich their souls!

Looking for a permanent „Good bye, superfluous! Bonjour, simplicity!”, the trekker Sergio Peștișanu truly believes that „Breaza must be seen through different eyes”.

You could have seen him rambling and EXPLORING the hills and the glens. You could have seen him at the sheepfolds or the public library. You could have seen him getting out of the „Ion Manolescu” Cultural Centre or at the market. You could have seen him on the bus, at the station or at the Nistorești halt.

You could have seen him everywhere in Breaza as

you can see every piece of Breaza in him!!


Each morning, the trekker Sergio Peștișanu wakes up before 5 a.m., like the skylarks, and goes to bed before 10 p.m., being definitely more energetic in the first part of the day. As you can see, our beloved readers, this is in favour of writing, as later in the afternoon, Mr. Pestisanu prefers thorough research, in the field and browsing newspapers as well.

 „Those who can wake up singing with the skylark are natural born trekkers.”

– from “The Book of the Mountains” by Bucura Dumbravă.

He does not see himself as a writer, not at all. He would rather call himself a modest nature memorialist wishing to become a mentor!

 „ …bearing the touch of the journalistic style sometimes, and the specific tone of touristic information other times”

– Constantin Darie about Mihai Tican Rumano

None of the things that he has discovered about his beloved resort has been by chance – facts, events, documents, as he has profoundly vibrated with everything that Breaza stands for. One thing has led to another and feelings have grown stronger. Always relying on common sense, the writer Sergio Peștișanu has been offered the chance to unveil the mysteries and the culture of Breaza and of people here.  So and only so, has he written three volumes about these places.

2017 ”Breaza. Trekking and knowledge” (ISBN 978-606-979-0465).

2018 ”Breaza. Trekking and Adventurous Comradeship” (ISBN 978-606-979-105-9)

2019 ”Breaza. Trekking and Pasion” 


Nowadays, a simply forest rambler that you can get sight of on Romanian mountain paths wishing you „BON VOYAGE, RANDONNEUR PEDESTRE!”